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Looking for an anti-snoring devices can be difficult due to the great variety of products there are. You have to look and get information from all the options and then make a decision to choose properly. But, better results will be delivered if you are aware of what snoring is and what your particular cause of snoring is. I will briefly explain what snoring is and why it happens in the first place. Snoring is caused by two main reasons. When you fall asleep, all your muscles relaxes. Sometimes the muscles in your airway relax too much and two situations may happen: your tongue falls back obstructing your airway or the soft tissues in your airway collapse against each other obstructing your airway as well. Generally, anti-snoring oral appliances, also known as Mandibular Advancement Devices, or simply mouthpieces, work for both cases, but sometimes, mouthpieces are just not enough to prevent your tongue from falling back. In these cases, you are then a suitable candidate for using Tongue Stabilizer Devices. The difference between them is that MADs work pulling your jaw forward, keeping your airway free of any obstructions and on the other hand, TSD work holding your tongue and keeping it in its place. I tried dual solutions mouthpieces and they definitely do work. But today, I want to share my experience using AirSnore, which is a MAD. However, you will find other Air Snore products on the company’s website as well. I will detail everything I know about this product below in my AirSnore Review.


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General Overview


Most AirSnore Reviews highlights the simplicity of this product and they are right, just by looking at it you realize this is a very easy to use product. It is great for older people and snorers who are trying a mouthpiece for the first time, or for those snorers who have already tried other anti-snoring mouthpiece with rare features or complicated systems and want to get back to the basics. Users and even doctors and dentists are very supportive of this mouthpiece, there are thousands of positive reviews and testimonials and I was a little bit curios. I bought the mouthpiece together with the drops. To be honest with you, I had never tried any nasal drop before so I was a little bit skeptical. They are meant to use when you have a cough or a cold to clear your airway from any liquid obstruction allowing you to breathe properly. AirSnore Drops are made of natural blends and according to the company’s website they are full of properties to make your breathing easier. Drops contain vitamin E, sunflower seed and eucalyptus leaf oil, the three of them renowned natural decongestants that are proven to clear your nose. You do not have to inhale the drops, all you have to do is rub it on your chest and under your nostrils before going to sleep. Together with the mouthpiece, they work perfectly fine. I waited until I had a cold to use them both ate the same time and I was really surprised.

Product Details

Airsnore was made for people who want simplicity and effectiveness. It is very discreet as it is made of soft and transparent, no one will notice you are wearing them, not even you, as it is not bulky and it feels very comfortable inside your mouth. You have to customize it use it, otherwise you will feel something is not working. The customization process is really easy, it uses the boil and bite method to get a perfect custom fit.

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All you need to do is to drop your Air Snore in hot water, for a few seconds, take it out and place it in your mouth. Then bite it firmly for another few second and drop it in cold water. You can repeat the process as many times as you want. Airsnore is made of BPA free material and it has been cleared by the Federal Drug Administration of the U.S. before being released to the market, so it is very safe to use. AirSnore also includes a case and a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that you have 60 days after the day of purchase to try it risks free and if you do not like it, you can return it. Shipping costs are included in the original prices, which is very economic by the way. The cleaning process is also very simple as you have to drop it in water with a little bit a tooth paste ore denture tablets and let it dry before using it. Keep reading my Air Sleep Snore Review to find out about my experience using it.



I received my AirSnore mouthpiece and drops quite fast, 5 days after ordering it. I did the boil and bite method right away because it was not my first time doing it and I wanted to have it ready to use at night. If it is your first time doing the boil and bite method, take your time and use a mirror. The first night using was really great, it does not feel bulky and it is very soft. Air Snore never fell from my mouth. I did experience a little bit of jaw soreness and drooling but it was only for the first two nights, then I was totally used to wearing it. My wife told me I did not snore and it was proven by that feeling of an excellent night’s sleep during the day, I felt no fatigue and I really felt refreshed during all my day. I used it for two whole months and results were as effective as the first time. I also used them with the drops although I never believed in natural remedies, but as I mentioned before, I was very amazed by the results using them both in combination while having a cold. I really liked AirSnore and I do recommend its use to any snorer.

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  • There is no AirSnore Scam, this product is proven to work and supported by users
  • Very comfortable, reliable and effective
  • It does not matter your age or level of snoring, it will work anyway
  • Many denture wearers can use it, but ask your doctor about it just in case
  • Snorers with missing teeth would also have to ask for their doctor’s recommendation
  • Easy fitting process and easy cleaning
  • Really inexpensive and fast free shipping
  • 60 day money back guarantee included



If you are wondering how to stop snoring, the solution is in front of you. You will not find another anti-snoring device as simple and as effective as Airsnore. You do not have many options as this issue need to be addressed. Constant sleep deprivation cause by snoring may lead you to another serious consequences as depression and heart failures, so you need to take action and do something about it. I know there are a lot of different solutions you can chose from the market, but you cannot go wrong choosing Air Snore. It is effective and also the most economic device you will find, as it includes shipping and even a trial period. Get it at and get discounts and different packages and offers. If you want to improve your quality of sleeping and your quality of life, buy Airsnore now!

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