Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review 2021

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This product review was uptated on January 2021


Have you ever wondered why you snore? Have you ever wondered if it produces any damage to your health? Snoring is believed to be harmless but that is false. When you snore, you cannot sleep soundly resulting in sleep deprivation. Not only you will feel tired during the day, but long time sleep deprivation is associated to other serious consequences that goes from simple headaches to serious heart failures. As you can see, snoring is a common problem that may cause serious damages to your health so it needs to be addressed immediately. When we fall sleep, all our muscles relax and that includes the one involving our airway. Our tongue and/or inner tissues may fall back obstructing the proper passing of air and oxygen, thus producing vibrations that are heard as snoring sounds. Snoring is easy to detect because even if you sleep alone, you may wake up during the night because of your own snoring sounds. Anyone may suffer from this condition but it is commonly associated with older people and people who are overweight, especially males. Occasionally snoring is not dangerous though, but if it is a chronic condition, if you snore every night and you are starting to realize that it actually affects your daily activities and you cannot get a long period of good sleep, it may be time to look for a solution. I tried several anti-snoring products, and today I am writing a Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review, read more and find out if this is what you are looking for.


General Overview

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

As I mentioned before, snoring is the result of your tongue or your inner tissues blocking your airway and impeding the right entrance of air. Generally, anti-snoring mouthpieces work for both cases. Mouthpieces are Mandibular Advancement Devices, their purpose is to pull your jaw a bit forward when you are sleeping to keep your airway free of obstructions, this is guaranteed to prevent snoring sounds and most mouthpieces on the market have a FDA clearance. However, there may be cases where a MAD is not enough and it is if your tongue gets stuck in your palate and pulling your jaw forward will not be the best solution. To find out if your tongue is responsible of your snoring, you can simply stick your tongue out, hold your tongue out using your fingers or just your teeth, and then try to snore as loudly as you can. If you still can snore easily, then your tongue is not your problem but it was hard for you to make snoring sounds, then your tongue is the responsible. You can try a MAD anyway, but there are more specific solutions like Tongue Stabilizer Devices (TSDs) that hold your tongue is place while you sleep to prevent it from falling back obstructing your airway and producing snoring. Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is a really good solution for snorers because it is reliable and affective. It will pull your jaw slightly forward so you can easily breathe keeping you airway free of any obstruction, prolonging your sleep and improving the quality of your sleep too, making you feel refreshed and energized the very next morning after using it.  Below you will find my Sleep Tight Mouthpiece opinion.

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Product Details

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece was designed by a dentist with decades of experience and it is made from EVA, so it has no BPA nor latex in its composition, you can feel free to use it safely. It is not bulky and it is very soft and comfortable. It was cleared by the FDA, a label you always look for as it indicates that it is safe to use. However, no matter how hard I looked for materials from which it was made I could not find it in the package, according to their website, it is BPA free though, which is very important as BPA has proven to be toxic. You can get it customized in the comfort of your own home as it uses the boil and bite method to get a perfect custom fit. It comes with clear instructions, all you have to do is immerse your Sleep Tight Mouthpiece in hot water, bite it and then drop it in cold water.

This device is a very simple mouthpiece, you cannot adjust the trays and besides the customizable fitting it does not offers another special feature, but it is still very popular due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It can be used by mouth breathers as it has air holes in the front and Sleep Tight Mouthpiece also comes with a 30 day guarantee, which means that you can try it risk free for 30 days after the day of purchase and if you do not like it you will get a refund. It may last from 1 to 2 years it depends on a wide variety of factor and it can be cleaned by simply using a tooth brush and some tooth paste.


Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

It is a simple mouthpiece and the price is very economic as well. It arrived when the company said it would, which was an average time. The fitting process was easy, but I am quite used to the boil and bite method, if it is your first time doing it read the instructions carefully and use a mirror to help yourself during the process. It felt comfortable as it is not a bulky product and it perfectly fit my mouth, I forgot I was wearing them and I felt sleep quickly. It did not fall from my mouth and my wife did not hear me snore. I did woke up in a pool of drool and I experienced some jaw soreness, which is actually quite normal when using this kind of anti-snoring oral appliances, but soreness and drooling lasted only a couple of days. I used it a whole month and o All the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Reviews were very positive about this product. It is quite simple and it look like any ordinary mouthpiece I have tried, but I was still curious. It is effective and comfortable and the price is really low compared to other similar products on the market, and it also comes with a guarantee so I would that it is definitely worth trying. For more specifications about this product, go to the official web site of the company at Sleep Tight


  • Very low price, discounts and guarantee
  • Soft and comfortable design
  • 100% effective and designed by a dentist
  • Airflow hole perfect for mouth breathers
  • Boil and bite method for easy customization
  • 30 days guarantee and FDA cleared
  • Long lifespan (up to 2 years of good use)



  • It does not have and adjustment system
  • Denture wearers should ask their dentists about it

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Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

There is no Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Scam. It works and it is an effective solution, especially for those snorers that are trying an anti-snoring oral appliance for the first time. Users have made very positive comments about this product and reviews are quite good as well. It also helps people undergoing any OSA treatment, but again, you should ask your personal doctor if you have sleep apnea and you want to try it. It is comfortable and fits very well. Give it a try and buy the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece now!

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