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If you are a snorer, you need to look for an anti-snoring solution immediately. There are plenty of different options to choose from and most of them are effective. The most common products are mouthpieces and even tongue holders, but if you do not feel comfortable  placing something inside your mouth while sleeping you still have quite a few options on the snoring market, like the Snoreless Pillow. I personally like Mandibular Advancement Devices, I tried hundreds of mouthpieces as most of them have been FDA cleared and they give me a feeling of safety.


Snoring is caused by the vibration produced by soft tissues or even your tongue inside your mouth, they relax when you sleep obstructing your airway and making snoring noises. We, and the people around us, only perceive the noises. However, there is much more than that. When you snore you are not allowing the right amount of oxygen to enter into your body and that carries a lot of risks. Not only you will feel tired during the morning, you may even experience dizziness and headaches, and if snoring is not addressed for a long period of time, sleep deprivation may even result in health failures. So, no matter what method you choose, it is important to do something about it to get a full night sleep. I have recently tried a different alternative to the mouthpieces I have been trying and I am surprisingly satisfied. Read my Snoreless Pillow Review and find out more about this product.

snoreless pillow

General Overview

You may be wondering if Snore Less Pillow is just another pillow. Well, it is absolutely not another ordinary pillow and it is definitely the most comfortable solution for many people. For some other people, it is not the best anti-snoring solution. The truth is that only you know what is most comfortable to you. Most anti-snoring pillows are similar, I mean, none of them offer particular features that make them different, but size, comfort and fabric may vary (these things has nothing to do with effectiveness of the product though). The objective of Snoreless Pillow is to place your shoulders, neck and head in the right position to avoid snoring while you are sleeping. It elevates and aligns your head keeping your airway unobstructed and supporting your head comfortably ad firmly. By raising your chin and separating it from your chest, results are guaranteed. However, depending on your snoring, you may need a little more. I recommend the Snoreless Pillow to people who do not snore that loudly, occasional snorers or even for people that may want to treat and relieve shoulders and back pain, since the pillow is firm and comfortable and it will definitely improve the proper alignment of your body. It will definitely eliminate snoring and pains from the very first moment of use and you will surely wake up feeling less fatigued and more energized as the result of a good night sleep. It is sure the best option for those who are avoiding anti-snoring mouthpieces as a snoring treatment.

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Product Details

snoreless pillow

It was designed to promote a comfortable side-sleeping but you can also sleep on your back as well, however different studies show that sleeping on your side reduce snoring significantly. As a mouthpiece, it is meant to reposition your jaw a little bit forward unblocking your airway. The good news is like unlike anti-snoring oral appliance this pillow can be used by anyone, as it does not matter if they wear bridges, crowns or if they have any missing teeth. Snoreless Pillow can also be used to treat mild obstructive apnea. It will definitely improve the quality of your sleep reducing daytime fatigue as it will allow the entrance of the proper amount of oxygen while your breathe and it will offer you longer periods of sleep, as there will be no interruptions.

As your head and part of your chest will be in an elevated position, it will also prevent other symptoms that has nothing to do with snoring such as chronic cough, chest pain, or stomach aches. It needs to be places on top of a regular pillow and it fits perfectly in any pillow case. The price is ok, a little more expensive that a regular pillow but it is not that expensive. Snoreless Pillow also comes with a 7 years money back manufacturer guarantee, you can find more information on how the guarantee works on

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Most Snoreless Pillow Reviews are not big fans of this product but I decided to give it a try anyway to do something different. I am always trying different oral appliances to reduce snoring, and this was totally different. Shipping was a little more expensive, I imagine that it was due to its weight and size, however, it arrived in the time the company estimated. It looked pretty much like a regular pillow with kind of a big indent right in the middle of it. It did not look uncomfortable though and the fabric was soft. At night time, I used it above my regular pillow and I slept on my side and a little bit on my back too. I slept well and I did feel refreshed as I usually do when I wake up. I believed it worked but my wife said she did heard some occasionally heavy breathing, she would not say I snored though. I used it for a whole week, as I prefer my mouthpieces, and all the nights results were the same, heavy breathing, no snoring, waking up feeling refreshed. There was a day I felt my nose with a little bit of congestion and that night I did snore. Still, not my usual snore, a soft snoring according to my wife but it did annoyed her anyway, I still woke up feeling refreshed. I would recommend to use to occasionally snorers, it does reduce snoring but it is not a permanent solutions, I feel like the results depends on a lot of factor that neither a person nor the pillow can control.



  • It is comfortable and soft
  • It is effective (depending on your case)
  • The price is fair, it is not really expensive
  • Snoreless Pillow comes with a 7 years guarantee


  • It is not that effective
  • Shipping is expensive


snoreless pillow

You are the only one who can make a decision because you know your personal condition. It did not work for me, I mean it worked (partially) but I did not like it, maybe it is the fact that I am used to other anti-snoring products, however, it may totally work for you. I think it is great for some kind of snorers. If you are not a heavy snorer will work perfectly fine for you. Besides, it offers solutions to other things like stomach pains and back pains, so Snoreless Pillow may be the product you are looking for, again, you alone know what your body needs. If you have further doubts, you can always go to the official web site of the company to look for more specific details, my experience was quite good but just was not enough for me, just think about the advantages and the degree of your snoring before buying. Remember that no matter what method you choose, it is important to do something about it to get a full night sleep.

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