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This product review was uptated on January 2021


Those affected by snoring may not be aware that it causes actual damage to their health. Snoring is caused by the vibration produced by an obstructed airway. When we inhale, obstructions produce the vibration sound we hear as snoring. Obstruction may be due to different causes, but there are mainly two main reasons: either your tongue falls back producing obstruction and vibrations or, the soft tissues inside your airway collapse against each other also producing an obstruction and vibrations. Generally, for both cases, using a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) is enough, but in some cases where the tongue falls back, snorers may need another kind of product commonly known as a TSD (Tongue Stabilizer Device) to hold their tongue preventing it to fall back. SnoreMD is and anti-snoring oral appliance that has become a very popular anti-snoring device and has been on the market for more than a decade. Users like it because it is very comfortable and easy to use. It has two main advantages over regular mouthpieces: Snore MD can be easily customized and adjusted, but I will tell you about these features later. If you are looking for an effective method to stop snoring, MADs are very popular, comfortable and effective. I have used different MADs myself during my whole life, and now I am sharing my experience using this particular device in my SnoreMD Pro Review. Read it and clarify your doubts regarding this simple but valuable anti-snoring product.


General Overview

There is a simple test you can perform to easily get to know to find out the reason of your snoring. Hold your tongue outside your mouth using your hand or your teeth and try to snore. If you can snore while holding your tongue, your problem are your tissues, so you need a Mandibular Advancement Device to stop snoring. MADs pull your jaw forward unblocking you airway and allowing the proper entrance of oxygen, preventing snoring sounds to even happen in the first place. When SnoreMD Pro was designed, comfort was one of the main things designers had in mind. When using it you wil be able to get a perfect custom fit and you will also be able to adjust the tightness in which you want your jaw to be held so as to avoid jaw soreness. Many MADs without the adjustability system may make you experience pain during the first day of use. However, if you choose a MAD with this feature, you have to make sure that the system is simple to adjust from the comfort of your home, otherwise, you will end up at the dentist office getting it fitted. I have never had any problems customizing or adjusting any of these devices, however, I am aware that some people, like older people, may find it a little complicated. All these devices include links to videos and clear instructions anyway, and SnoreMD Pro is definitely worth trying.


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Product Details

The design is great because it is made of medical grade material and it feels very soft in your mouth, even if it is your first time using one of these devices, you will find it very comfortable and you will get used to sleeping with it very fast. Colors are softs and it is very discreet, almost classy. It has an air hole too, this is great for mouth breathers because this hole allows the proper entrance of air through your mouth, even avoiding claustrophobic feelings. It also allows you to talk and drink something while using, something that not all similar products cannot offer. Snore MD Pro is a very simple and complete anti-snoring appliance and I am sure anyone will enjoy the benefits it delivers as I did too. This product is manufactures in the USA using very high standards of quality. SnoreMD has been cleared by the FDA (Federal Drugs Administration) this means that several tests and examinations were performed on it before being released, and tests found that this is a safe product for your health and that there are no risks in using it. Customizing it is very simple. You have to drop the device in hot water for a couple of seconds, then place it in your mouth and bite firmly, when you are down, drop it in cold water and it is ready to use. The adjustability system is very simple too, it need no special tools, all you need is to select the position you want with your thumbs and try it. If you do not like it or it feels too tight, change it again by using your thumbs. Both the customization process and the adjustment process come with clear instructions and you can find explanatory videos at as well. It includes a storage case to take proper care of it and it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can give it a try without any risks. If you decide to return it and get your refund, refund only includes the price of the device, shipping is not included.


It was obviously not my first time trying a customizable mouthpiece, reason why I did the boil and bite method like a hundred times already so it took me no time, but if it is your first time doing it, be patience, do not worry and try to use a mirror when biting firmly. However, the adjustment process is always different depending on the device, but as you do not need any special tool, it was quite easy, it did not take me more than 5 minutes to figure it out. Read the instructions and watch the videos at the official website of the company before doing it anyway, just to get a whole picture of the process. The first night I talked while using it and even sipped water to see if jaw mobility was true and it was. Then I fell sleep and when I woke up I felt fully refreshed. No soreness at all and my wife said she did not hear me snoring, so it worked in all possible ways. I kept using it for a month and results were always just as great. On the second week of trying it I adjusted it tighter just out of curiosity and it felt comfortable too. Do not set it too tight the first night, it is better to try it a little bit loose and adjust it tighter gradually to avoid soreness. It never fell from my mouth and I did not drool either, so for me was a totally win situation.



  • The adjustment system allows you to make changes in 1 mm increments
  • It has a lock feature so lock the adjustment setting you selected into place
  • It comes with a calibrator so you can read the adjustment positions
  • The Flex-Jaw system allows you to move your mouth quite freely while using it
  • It has an air hole that will allow you to breathe through your mouth
  • Easy Custom Fit process that allows personalization to the form of your mouth and teeth
  • It works in the first use and 30 days guarantee is included. No SnoreMD Pro Scam detected
  • You get free SnoreMD Pro download videos and instructions


  • People wearing dentures, bridges or braces or even with a few missing teeth should ask their dentist before buying it
  • The price is a little bit higher than any other regular mouthpiece, but it has so many features that is totally worth trying


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If you are looking for real comfort and fast results, SnoreMD is the anti-snoring mouthpiece you are looking for. SnoreMD Pro Reviews and testimonials of users show the reliability of this product. You have the power to improve your quality of sleep and your quality of life, you can avoid serious health issues related to the sleep deprivation resulting from snoring. Change your life and buy SnoreMD now!


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