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A mandibular Advancement Device or MAD is an anti-snoring oral appliance meant to be placed inside your mouth while you sleep to move your lower jaw slightly forward preventing snoring sounds. These snoring sounds are generally produced because of the vibrations that relaxed tissues inside of your mouth make when you are sleeping. When you sleep, every single muscle of your body relaxes including the ones inside your mouth, when this happens, some tissues overlap against each other blocking the right passing of air through your mouth or nose, and entrance of air make these tissues vibrate producing what we hear as snoring. Most people do not pay too much attention to their snoring issues, but snoring causes sleep deprivation and this last condition does not only produce lack of energy, sleep deprivation is associated with deterioration of the immune system, headaches, dizziness and even heart failures, so snorers must do something about themselves to improve their quality of life.

I always snored, and I became aware of the risks a long time ago and since then I have tried every anti-snoring product that is released to the market. Recently I tried SnoreMeds and I would like to share my experience using it. To be honest with you, there a lot of similar oral appliances like this one currently on the market, but to me, according to its labels, it is one of the most reliable simple mouthpieces. If you are looking for honest and helpful information about the SnoreMeds mouthpiece, keep reading my SnoreMeds Review to find more about this product specifications.


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General overview


MADs work, when I first began trying I tried very ordinary ones and they all did work, snoring can be totally eliminated using a MAD while you sleep. The thing is that some of them may feel a little uncomfortable and some of them include even extra features as manual adjustment systems, tongue retainers, among others. If it is the very first time you are using a Mandibular Advancement Device to stop snoring you probably want to keep it simple at first, so Snore Meds would be a smart choice. It also worked fine on people who tried “fancy” mouthpieces and did not feel comfortable with the device and wanted to come back looking for simplicity and effectiveness, whatever your reason is, results are guaranteed as this product guarantees to keep your tissues and muscles firm allowing oxygen to run freely through your airway, this translates to feeling more energized in the morning and preventing and eliminating those related conditions that I mentioned before. This is a reliable product proven to work, it has been recommended by sleep disorder professional for over ten years now and clinicals tests have been performed to prove its effectiveness. It is an easy to fit oral appliance that will definitely help you to get your airway unobstructed. It is sold globally and it is one of the most popular and reliable MADs you will find on the snoring markets. It is made of safe materials because it is latex free (great for allergic people) and BPA free and it has also been cleared by the U.S.A. Federal Drugs Administration.

Product Details

You will stop snoring from the very first use and you will feel fully refreshed the day after. Mouth breather are allowed to use it because it comes with holes in the front which allows proper entrance of air through the mouth. It is produced with a life span of one year but it mainly depend on how you take care of it, you can simply snoremedsuse tooth paste and a tooth brush to clean it. Its use is not recommended for people with dentures or some missing teeth, in these cases, the advice of your dentist will be useful. It offers a 45 money back guarantee if you buy a single pack and if you do not like it and return it within the first 45 after the purchase, you will get your money back (shipping costs not included in the refund, which are fairly inexpensive). You will find plenty of videos, a SnoreMeds coupon and different packages for male and female at The company recommend to replace your SnoreMeds every four months for better results, the Value Pack they offer is meant to last one year in total. It uses the boil and bite method to be customized, which is very easy to do, you will find instructions in the package and tutorial videos on their site and the whole process should not take you more than 10 minute. Molding it is really easy and you have two shots. You need to drop it in mug with boiling water, take it out with a spoon, place it in your mouth (use a mirror) and bite firmly and then take it from your mouth and drop it in a mug with cold water.

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I received my package within the week after placing my order. I got it and did the whole fitting process so it was ready to use at night. It was not my first time doing the boil and bite method, but if it is your first time, please do take your time even if you have to wait for the next day to use it. The first night using it SnoreMeds fell from my mouth once while I was sleeping so I frankly cannot tell that I wore it the whole night, my wife did not hear my snoring though and I felt refreshed the day after. I did drool a little but and my jaw felt a little sore, but it was not a big deal, I felt soreness mostly during part of the morning and then I totally forgot about it. The second night using it was better, it did not fell, I did not snore and I felt refreshed again. During the whole month using it, it worked perfectly fine. It is very softs, it feels comfortable and it does not touch your gums. It is very discreet and simple. It is way affordable, even buying a full year value pack, it will not hurt your wallet at all, it is actually one of the most economic reliable and certified oral appliances you will find on the market and it also comes with a 45 days guarantee so there are no financial risks or scam at all.



  • Simple and affective
  • Very affordable
  • 30 day guaranteed included
  • You can choose sizes
  • You can choose from several packages
  • Comfortable and easy customization process
  • 100% guaranteed to work
  • BPA and latex free
  • It was cleared by the FDA

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SnoreMeds Reviews and users are very happy with it and it has been on the market for more than 10 years, which would not be possible if it did not work. I really enjoyed using it, it is very simple and comfortable, however, you know your specific needs and there is no one better than you to make the right decision. As I said before, this is great for people using an anti-snoring device for the first time or for people who just likes to keep it simply. Results are guaranteed, order SnoreMeds!

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