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This product review was uptated on January 2021


Snoring means depriving yourself from sleep and feeling exhausted all day. If you snore, it may be normal to you, but believe me, there is definitely a better quality of life that you can reach by simply sleeping better. There are plenty of anti-snoring mouth-pieces that allows you to get a better sleep by preventing snoring, but there are so many that choosing the right one for you, especially if it is the first time you will try one of this products, may be a little complicated. I think I am not lying at all when I say I have tried all of them, I have been a snorer all my life and honestly, I never did something about it until it began annoying my wife. I am always looking for information and trying new anti-snoring oral appliances as TheraSnore. Most of them work quite well, but they all have unique and special features you need to be aware of before buying. You need to pay attention to labels too, as it is important that these products are BPA free and FDA cleared to use it safely and with no risks at all. Other than that, you are safe to try any of them, just like I said before, each of them has special features and you may be more interested to try one in particular, one that adjusts to your needs. In this TheraSnore Review I will share my experience using Thera Snore explaining how TheraSnore works and what you should expect from it.


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General Overview

Finding the right solution for you means to have a healthier sleep which translates into a more productive lifestyle. There are plenty of simple solutions. TheraSnore offers instant results, it works from the moment you place it in your mouth, which will make you enjoy the next day at its full as you will feel much energized. This anti-snoring product was designed by a married couple who founded a company for medical devices to treat snoring and sleeping apnea. They are both dentists and has been in the research field of sleeping and dentistry for more than 3 decades, so his experience is quite valuable. TheraSnore is now distributed worldwide and it is supported by the American Dental Association and the National Health Service from the UK, so it has become pretty much a trusted brand renowned worldwide. The reason why you snore is due to a faulty breathing when sleeping. When you fall sleep, the muscles and tissues inside your mouth relaxes and the fall against each other producing the vibrations that we hear as snoring. To prevent this, Mandibular Advancement Devices slightly pull your jaw a little bit forward preventing this overlap of tissues, resulting in no snoring at all which also results in a better performance during the day, as sleeping restfully is the key to a healthy quality of life. By placing TheraSnore in your mouth before going to bed, it will keep your jaw in place so you can easily breathe without snoring.


Product Details

All TheraSnore Reviews claim the effectiveness of this product, there are absolutely no complains. Users are very supportive and doctors and dentists worldwide also show their support. As I just mentioned, TheraSnore is a very reliable and trusted product, it has been tested by clinicians, dentists and doctors before being released, which guarantees splendid results. ThereSnore is placed inside your mouth, on your upper and lower teeth. Before using, you have to go through the fitness process which is very simple and allows a perfect custom fit. All you have to do is drop it in hot water, take it out, bite it using a mirror to get maximum precision, take it out from your mouth and drop it in a recipient with cold water. Of course that it comes with full anc clear instructions and you can even go through the whole boil and bite method twice in case you are not satisfied with the first customization. Besides the customization feature, it has another great feature that makes it unique. Unlike any other regular mouth-piece, it comes with 5 adjustable settings so you can loosen it up or tighten it up according to your needs, or even change the position gradually from 0.00 mm to 7.5 mm so you do not feel soreness the first days using it. There is absolutely no way you would feel jaw pain during or after using it. About its design, it is very comfortable and also has another great feature: it only fits on the upper teeth, this means you can still use your mouth to talk or even sip water and your lower jaw will not be locked.


I received TheraSnore 7 days after ordering, which is really fast. I molded it before going to sleep and I found it really easy. It has a lower tray and the upper tray with an up an arrow in it, there are plenty of instructions and even links to videos to make it easier. I did the boil and bite methods hundreds of times so I did it by myself. However, you can even ask a dentists to help you. I set the device adjustment position quite loose, and the first night I did not feel soreness at all and my wife said I did not snore at all. However, I readjust it in the fifth night to use it a little more tightly and it also worked. It really felt comfortable and I felt no pain at all, some extra salivation, but nothing more. I was able to sip water and even talk, it was actually one of the most comfortable mouth pieces I have ever tried. However, the adjustment settings may be difficult for some people, especially for older people. As I said, I have been using this kind of product for more than a decade, so I am quite experienced, but it may be too much for someone who has no idea. I encourage people to try it anyway and look help to adjust the setting because it is really worth it, properly adjusted, you will not find another anti-snoring device as comfortable as TheraSnore. It comes with its case and there plenty of packs you can choose and there is a TheraSnore Coupon too.



  • 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee offered at
  • The lifespan of TheraSnore is of 2 years, again, nothing like it on the market yet
  • Clinically and medically approved, users also support it
  • The very first night using you will stop snoring and you will definitely feel refreshed in the morning
  • TheraSnore complied with NHS regulations and it was cleared by the FDA
  • It can be used to treat mild sleep apnea and mouth breathers can use it too
  • Very comfortable and safe to use and it is also BFA free
  • Easy cleaning


  • Some users may have trouble adjusting it, as I see it, it is only a matter pf patience

sitio-oficialTake a look at Sleep Tight Mouthpiece and My Snoring Solution


There are a lot of different options to stop snoring, and choosing the right one for you must be only your decision. I personally believe that using TheraSnore has been a great experience and it is in fact among my favorite ones, but I do realize older people and people using a mouth-piece for the first time may find it complicated. However, I do not think this a reason not to try it. It comes with full detailed instructions and in the last resort, you can ask something handier to help you out or even go to a dentist to adjust it properly. It has a lot of great features you will not find in other oral appliances and the website of the company offers plenty of packages and other anti-snoring products.

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