ZenSleep Review 2021

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This product review was uptated on January 2021


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One of the most annoying things that can happen to people is that they cannot sleep at night, either because of snoring or for other reasons, but the truth is that people often get little or no sleep because of snoring more than by having nightmares or suffering of some illness. And those who suffer from snoring are not who most hate snoring, but the people that listens to it.

Snoring originates in the airway that becomes much looser and less toned with the passage of time as the person gets older. Snoring usually becomes more pronounced if the person who suffers from it is overweight because the fat accumulated in the neck usually puts a lot more pressure on the airway.

How do snores occur? While a person sleeps, what happens is that the tongue is accommodated in the back of the throat while the jaw relaxes and causes the airway to loosen up and relax. In this way it becomes narrow, which is why the airway is partially collapsed and the air passes through; what happens is that the loose tissues do vibrate and collide with each other, which is what produces what we all call snoring.


What can happen is that all the solutions that exist in the world for a person to stop snoring are not suitable for some people but they are for others. Why does this happen? Because snorers usually buy the first magic solution that someone sells to them and do not usually consult the doctor about why they have that problem, which often leads to a great loss of time and money.

But there is a solution to these problems and it is called Zensleep.

The reality is that there are not many Zensleep reviews on the internet. The great majority of them speak only of the products that are sold and not of the company itself.

Unlike all of those Zensleep reviews, this Zensleep review will provide the necessary information about the company and all the products it sells.

According to this Zensleep review, the problems and the annoyance of not finding a solution that really works to avoid those annoying snoring will fade thanks to the Zensleep program.

There are a lot of mouthguards being sold in the world, but to decide which is the best of all, the options should be reduced to two: mandibular advancement device (MAD) or tongue stabilizing device (TSD). Of course both have the same effect, for the difference is that one of these devices is responsible for maintaining the tongue forward in the mouth while the other supports the jaw; but both open the airway. But which of the two options should be chosen? Either one will be fine, but if a person has trouble breathing the best thing is going to be to choose the MAD option.


What is Zensleep?

It is a company that produces accessories that allow people who snore to not have to suffer from it ever again (therefore, being a product to be used physically, the Zensleep PDF does not exist).

In the official Facebook page people can know that this company was created in 2004 and they can see an e-mail address and a phone number (this Zensleep review is against any other review stating that Zensleep is a scam without them having even contacted a representative of the company or without having bought or tested their products).

What are the devices that Zensleep sells?

The products that the company sells are:

  • ZenVents, which are vents to place in the nose, and thus prevent obstruction of nasal passages.
  • ZenStrap, which are straps to keep the lower jaw closed at bedtime.
  • ZenMask, which is a mask that will help people sleep by blocking any light from outside.
  • ZenPlugs, which are used to block any sound around (including snoring).
  • ZenGuard, which is a piece that goes in the mouth and prevents the person from snoring. What it does is suck the tongue while the person sleeps.

If a person decides to buy one of these products, he or she may need to know that he or she should buy the kit that is offered with all the products mentioned above. The person can click on the Zensleep download option to get this wonderful kit (even if they are only interested in one of the products, this option will always be much more convenient because if they do not like the product they chose, they can try some other device that is much more suitable for them).

Why is Zensleep different?

The main reason why this company is different from many other companies that creates products to stop snoring is because it does not focus on just one of the causes that cause snoring but they have created a variety of options.

They help a person achieve a good night’s sleep by offering products that keep their mouths closed, keep their nostrils open, hold the jaw’s position in place, and hold the tongue to prevent it from falling back while other devices help light and sounds do not become annoying at bedtime.

The most important thing is that each and every one of these products was tested over a great deal of time to be able to give the assurance that they actually work. The products are made with safe materials.

What is advised is that if a person buys the kit, they have to try one product at a time (and not all together as many people will want to do) so that they can identify which one works best for them.

It may be strange to use some of them at first, but nothing to which a person cannot get accustomed, because they will realize that the devices work and that the snoring no longer annoys anymore.

Most of the opinions of several people who tested the products are excellent and everyone agrees that people should try these products and invest the necessary money in them.

The only bad thing about this product is that it does not come with any Zensleep PDF that tells a little bit about what the company is about and how it was formed in order to be able to know a little more about the history of the products.

Is ZenSleep free?

No, of course there is no ZenSleep free option available. All those who feel like doing some of these products should click on the download ZenSleep options on the official website.

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Once clicked, people will be able to buy ZenSleep products: ZenPlugs cost $29, ZenMask costs $39, ZenStrap costs $79, ZenVents costs $49 and ZenGuard (which comes with a couple of mouthguards in the package) costs $95. But what people should do is to buy the kit with the five products for only $95 (yes, the same price as the ZenGuard alone).

This review is expected to be different from the few ZenSleep reviews that exist on the internet and that people feel comfortable and willing to buy the products. If someone wants to stop snoring, then this is the great solution to that problem. The same person who suffers from snoring and the person who has to hear those snores will be the happiest persons in the world when they see that they could have a long night of restful sleep.


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